Product Description

PG Bison’s premium quality, interior grade BisonBord® serves a wide variety of purposes across homes, offices and retail spaces. BisonBord is available as E1 (Class 1) or E2 (Class 2)*.

Particleboard (also known as chipboard) manufacturing was once a simple way of utilising wood waste, but now it’s a highly sophisticated technology, with careful selection of raw materials, detailed wood particle preparation and a scientific application of additives and binders. The results are a uniform, high-quality board that is extremely versatile and affordable.

How it’s made
To make BisonBord®, wood chips are refined, dried and classified by size into coarse and fine wood particles. These are then lightly coated with a precise amount of resin and formed in a three-layer mat, before being pressed together into panels of specific thickness and density, using heat and pressure.

Using BisonBord®
BisonBord® can be used in its raw state, but is mostly used as a substrate for decorative products. Its smooth surface is ideal for upgrading with melamine-impregnated décor or high-pressure laminates, and is used extensively in kitchens, built-in cupboards, domestic and office furniture and shopfitting.

Affordability paired with suitability makes BisonBord® the go-to product for a whole host of projects.

  • Advantages of BisonBord®
    • Consistency
    • Ease of use
    • Fine, smooth and sanded surface
    • Excellent structural strength
    • Low dimensional movement
    • Superior screw-holding capability
    • Uniform density and thickness
    • High machinability and low tool wear
    • Available in a variety of thicknesses
    • Flexibility of sheet size format
    • Locally produced
    • Technical backup
    • Price stability
  • BisonBord® Availability List

    BisonBord® sold in pack sizes only.

    Thickness Pack size Sheet sizes & tonnage Availability Sheet sizes & tonnage Availability
        2750mm x 1840mm   3660mm x 1840mm  
    9mm 50 1.64 tons MTO    
    12mm 40 1.72 tons MTO 2.27 tons MTO
    16mm 30 1.59 tons MTS 2.07 tons MTO
    18mm 30 1.78 tons MTO 2.35 tons MTO
    22mm 25 1.83 tons MTO 2.43 tons MTO
    25mm 25 1.61 tons MTO 2.13 tons MTO
    32mm 15 1.55 tons MTO 2.04 tons MTO
  • BisonBord® E1 Availability List

    BisonBord® E1 sold in pack sizes only.

    Thickness Pack size Sheet sizes & tonnage Availability
        2750mm x 1840mm  
    16mm 30 1.59 tons MTS
  • BisonBord® MR – Moisture Resistant Availability List

    BisonBord® MR takes the tried and trusted recipe of BisonBord® and with some additional ingredients, goes to the next level, with improved moisture resistance and lower swell rate.

    BisonBord® MR can be upgraded just like BisonBord® and is designed for use in interior, high moisture applications like bathroom vanities, laundry cupboards and kitchen kickplates. It is also ideally suited for the higher humidity of coastal regions. As good as BisonBord® MR is, it is still not waterproof and will not perform well when exposed to excessive liquid on a frequent basis.

    BisonBord® MR (E1) sold in pack sizes only.

    Thickness Pack size Sheet sizes & tonnage Availability
        2750mm x 1840mm  
    12mm 40 1.72 tons MTO
    16mm 30 1.66 tons MTS
    18mm 30 1.78 tons MTO