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MelaWood SupaTexture

Product Description

Light Resistant
Hygienic Surface
Moisture Resistant
Easy To Clean

For almost as long as interior design has been recognised as an industry the power of adding texture to a space has been recognised. Any room that feels a bit flat could always do with two design elements to lift it: colour and texture. MelaWood® SupaTexture™ brings both in abundance.

MelaWood® SupaTexture™ uses a SupaWood® core of densified wood for durability, strength and a clean finish. Densified wood is hailed as wood based panels that are stronger than steel which makes it ideal for vertical applications like cupboards and for furniture. Your MelaWood® SupaTexture™ elements will be eye-catchers for you and your guests to admire and enjoy. The introduction of texture into a space’s design is what will elevate it to enviable levels.

MelaWood® SupaTexture™ is a single face deep structure with matching Peen backer. This products looks as good as it feels, and it looks fantastic. The incorporation of texture can lift your space into something both beautiful and unique. If you have decided on neutrals, a great way to make the colours shine is by using wood based panels with a textured surface. This way even if you have decided to avoid bright colours the light will catch the texture of your MelaWood® SupaTexture™ surfaces and bring a dynamic sense of movement to the room which is unmatched by any other interior design element.

MelaWood® SupaTexture™ is particularly appealing when juxtaposed with its fellow MelaWood® range members like MelaWood® SupaMatt™ and MelaWood® SupaGloss™. This contrast allows you to create even more movement in the space as light bounces from one innovative surface to another.

Please note that MelaWood® SupaTexture™ is sold in pack sizes only.

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