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Product Description

Light Resistant
Hygienic Surface
Moisture Resistant
Easy To Clean

MelaWood® is PG Bison's leading brand of eco-friendly, decorative melamine faced board (MFB).

MelaWood®’s durability is unmatched and it is exceedingly easy to clean. This makes it ideal for kitchen surfaces, transform the space into a low-maintenance yet beautiful room with hygienic wooden kitchen worktops. MelaWood® is also moisture and light resistant, ensuring its rich colour lasts for years to come.

Wherever you decide to place your Melawood® it is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to solid wood. So it looks beautiful and you can feel good about it too.

MelaWood® is available in four surface finishes: Peen (a textured, stipple), Ashwood (an embossed, woodgrain), Linear (a deep textured, straight wood grain) and Natural Touch (a luxurious, smooth matt). A perfect solid surface material to complete any task.

MelaWood® uses either BisonBord® or SupaWood® as a core, with melamine-impregnated paper bonded to the board's surfaces under heat and pressure. The decorative aspect of the surface is fused to the wood in your choice of colour and texture to suit any room in your home.

The High Pressure Laminate means MelaWood® is a durable, moisture-resistant surface, making it the ideal choice for projects like kitchen counter tops, built-in-cupboards, furniture manufacturing, offices and shop fitting.

Our new range of MelaWood® products sport new finishes that can be used in fresh and exciting combinations to create a space that is unique to your style and taste. MelaWood SupaGloss juxtaposed with MelaWood SupaMatt or MelaWood SupaTexture can create a dynamic and interesting space with the use of contrasting surface textures from PG Bison’s range of decorative surface solutions.

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PG Bison: How we make MELAWOOD

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