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Formica LifeSeal Worktops

Product Description

Light Resistant
Hygienic Surface
Moisture Resistant
Easy To Clean

PG Bison’s locally produced Formica® LifeSeal® Worktops are on trend with international styles. They feature the latest technology, including a LifeSeal® strip for protection and excellent durability – the tight new 3mm radius is only available from PG Bison.

Formica® LifeSeal® Worktops are available in either a texture or gloss range so you can choose the finish you prefer. The colours mimic granite, slate and wood, so you can add an aesthetic to your space without the hefty price tag.

The new LifeSeal® strip prevents water from trickling down and penetrating the wood. This means it will not warp, bend or swell, keeping your decorative surface solutions functioning and looking fantastic for years to come.

Formica® offers one of the most versatile surfacing materials for both horizontal and vertical applications with its exceptional kickback to wear, scuff, impact, heat, stains and moisture resistance. This means that Formica® LifeSeal® Worktops are ideal for kitchens where the above mentioned occurrences are common, because they won’t break a sweat in the face of any of these challenges. Whether you decide to use these innovative decorative surface solutions in a horizontal or vertical application you can rest assured they will look great and continue to do so despite elements which usually cause laminated wood to deteriorate.

Formica® provides an unbeatable low-maintenance, durable and dependable, solid surface that is easy to clean and is hygienic too. Simply wiping down the Formica® worktops with a damp cloth is enough to free them from any stains and leave them hygienically clean as kitchens should be. All of these attributes make Formica® LifeSeal® Worktops the best kitchen worktops.

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Product Videos

How PG Bison's Formica LifeSeal Worktops are made
Formica LifeSeal Worktops: Measuring and Cutting

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