When designing your kitchen, it’s important not just to think about the colours and textures you want to incorporate, but also about a layout that will make working in the kitchen as easy as possible.

The triangle in action in a U-shaped kitchen.

One of the ways that designers ensure easy workflow is through using the “work triangle”. This aims to keep the three main workstations or appliances within easy reach of one another, and keep passage between them unobstructed. The three points in the triangle are the fridge/freezer, the stove/oven and the sink/dishwasher.

This kitchen uses an L-shape, plus an island, but you could easily use a similar layout in a U-shape if you don’t have an open-plan space.

By using the kitchen work triangle, you can maximise the use of your available space and save time and energy moving between the areas of your kitchen as you prepare meals.

The triangle works even in a small galley kitchen or kitchenette layouts.

The work triangle is effective in various different kitchen layouts, including U-shaped, L-shaped, galley-style, or single-line. You can even incorporate a kitchen island while still using the work triangle, plus enjoy maximum kitchen countertop space.

Another example of an L-shaped kitchen with an island.



Take a look at the infographic below to see potential configurations.

You can also download the PDF here: OnTrend – The Work Triangle Infographic