Decorative surface solutions
03 October 2016

What colour is right for you?

Just a quick glance through magazines or creating a board on Pinterest gives you an overwhelming number of design options. Suddenly, choosing the right style and colour seems quite daunting. What if you get it wrong? Relax, take a deep breath.

For years, colour trends in kitchens and furniture were easy to plot and forecast. But gone are the days when Henry Ford’s Model T automobile was only available in black. Now, the trend seems to be that there is no one specific trend.

Thanks, in part, to the internet, people are exposed to far more visuals than they ever were before and with that comes endless design options. People are looking for greater amounts of individual style. They want their own piece of happiness. It’s the same reason artisanal food or craft beers are becoming so popular.

melawood colours

Design and colour in furniture and kitchens is no different. More and more, the international print houses supplying decorative papers for wood-based panels used in kitchens and furniture include light, medium and dark options in their annual range offerings. Some designs may be rustic with saw-cut and knots while some are cleaner with smooth grains, some have more grey while others have more natural tones. Some are a double espresso of darkness and some a milky latte in lightness.

supagloss colours

Whether your preference is for light, medium or dark colours, it can all work, as long as it is done properly and some important factors are taken into consideration.

Light colours will make rooms feel airy and open. All-white kitchens have wide appeal, but combining it with a wood grain or accent of colour creates that little extra magic with a bolder feel.

Medium colours are often more natural in tone and feel homely. Using two tones can change things up.

Dark designs have a sophisticated and intimate sense. Always be weary of using too much in smaller areas as it may become a little overpowering. You can always balance dark designs with glossy surfaces which bring more light into the room.

formica colours

Your home is as individual as you are and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have the look you desire. Updating a home can be costly and not something that is undertaken very often, therefore stick with a style that is as individual as you and your lifestyle.

When considering your revamp, visit our application center for ideas on how to use our range of products to match your style.