Counterfeit products are a problem in many industries, where companies fraudulently use the branding or trademarking of another business in order to trade off of its good reputation.

Unfortunately, PG Bison has experienced this, and we therefore warn customers to be aware of counterfeits in the market.

Copying the trademarks, brands and colours registered and owned by PG Bison and passing them off as genuine PG Bison products is illegal. But more than this, it means customers may unknowingly end up with inferior product and that PG Bison’s reputation may suffer because of this.

We continuously invest in manufacturing facilities, product ranges, marketing material, technical support and customer relationships to ensure our products remain the trusted brand that can always be relied on.

When our trademarks, brands and products are counterfeited, it places our customers at risk and undermines our investment in the market and the brands we supply.

Why you shouldn’t buy counterfeit boards

Firstly, buying counterfeit products is supporting criminal activity – essentially the theft of a brand or trademark.

Secondly, buying counterfeit product means you cannot be guaranteed the same quality of board. Having examined counterfeit products purporting to be PG Bison products, we have found that:

  • Colours fade more quickly
  • Edges warp
  • SupaGloss knock-offs specifically fade after just three months
  • Formica LifeSeal Worktop counterfeits suffer water damage

How to check for authenticity

When purchasing products, please ensure:

  • The board edges are marked
  • Boards carry the specific PG Bison brand, e.g. MelaWood, Formica Lifeseal Worktops (this is marked on the back side of the worktop), BisonLam, SupaMatt, SupaTexture and SupaGloss.
  • If you have any doubt, please contact your local PG Bison sales representative in your region on:
Customer Service Centre (Boksburg) +27 (0)86 057 9196
Exports (Boksburg) +27 (0)11 897 5200
Gauteng Sales (Boksburg) +27 (0)11 897 5200
Kwa-Zula Natal Sales Office



+27 (0)873500874

Western Cape Sales Office (Epping) +27 (0)87 357 7989

Alternatively, visit our website at PG Bison to see how our products are marked.