You may have noticed that most cupboards today use medium density fibreboard (MDF) for their doors. The reason for this is that MDFs like SupaWood® bring a set of features to the table which are perfect for cabinetry.

Machinability / Customisability

One of the greatest benefits of working with SupaWood® is that, due to its structure, you can drill and cut it in various ways without worrying about it being damaged. Listed among its many advantages is the fact that because there is no grain, so there is no tendency to split.

The smoothness and consistency of SupaWood® make it ideal for a range of moulding, embossing, deep routing and detailed design cutting practices. There is very little chance of the material tearing, burning or showing any of the usual signs of damage associated with these processes.

While SupaWood® does hold up well in the machining process, it must also be done correctly. Have a look at this informative article to make sure that you get the best out of your MDF machining.

Easy painting

Another benefit of the uniformity and smoothness of MDF boards is that it makes them ideal for painting. This is especially beneficial in homes undergoing or expecting renovations, which will often lead to changes in colour schemes.

No warping

Like wood, SupaWood® expands and contracts together with changes in temperature. However, thanks to the structure of MDF the entire board moves as a unit, preventing it from warping or cracking like solid wood.

Ask the experts

The best way to find out exactly how SupaWood® will benefit you is to come straight to the source and speak to us. If you want all the specifics regarding this product you can find it all on our Downloads page.