What better place to showcase the range and quality of PG Bison’s products than the interior of our parent company’s new regional office?


KAP Industrial Holdings’ new regional office in Founders Hill Office Park in Modderfontein, Johannesburg uses a clean, industrial aesthetic as a nod to the nature of the company’s activities.


The office needed to be versatile to cater for the ebb and flow of visiting management teams and regional office events, and the design balances privacy and quiet in the individual office spaces with larger breakaway areas for communal engagement.


Interior designers Ian and Fiona Richardson of Sight Projects & Interiors were briefed to incorporate PG Bison products wherever possible. “The new regional head office provided us with a wonderful opportunity to showcase some of the company’s products,” says Ian.

From the custom reception desk to the boardroom table, filing cabinets and coffee stations, PG Bison’s range and quality is on display across the space.

The result is a head office that communicates the KAP brand’s identity and values, as well as an interior that emphasises rationality and minimalism to allow staff to use their time efficiently, without unnecessary distractions.

Watch the video below for a virtual tour of the new office.