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Product Description

BisonBord® is made using sustainable and responsibly farmed, harvested and processed wood.

BisonBord®’s smooth surface is ideal for priming, painting, printing, veneering and laminating with melamine colours of impregnated paper (MelaWood®), Formica® (Board 13) or paper foils (DecoBord). BisonBord® does not dent, kink or distort easily if handled with care. Its moisture resistant treatment also means it will not warp or swell when used in the proper applications. BisonBord® is especially useful in applications like shelving and in ceilings and, thanks to its thermo-acoustic insulation, for theatres and auditoriums.

Used extensively in shop fitting, kitchens and the domestic and office furniture manufacturing industries, amongst others, BisonBord® is the core material of choice. This choice is versatile and one of the most affordable wood panel solutions available on the market. This paired with the fact that it takes particularly well to veneers and decorative laminates makes it a go-to product for a whole host of projects.

BisonBord® from PG Bison is available in thicknesses ranging from 9mm all the way to 32mm to serve a wide variety of purposes in the construction of homes, offices and retail spaces. Due to its lightweight nature it is easy to work with and transport.

They are particularly well manufactured for application in shelving, with a moisture resistant core. Not only that, but the product will be made to order for you by PG Bison (granted that a minimum quantity order is placed).

BisonLam® Shelving is BisonBord® with a white edging strip particularly for rounded off edges when using the boards in shelving. Note that BisonLam® Shelving is sold in pack sizes only.

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